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LOL I see the Nazi Youth Has Resigned…


Hmmmm…about the only ones who will miss him are his favourite¬† pedophiles within the Catholic church, staunch supporter that he is..my pet peeve he has the most backwards ideas on the use of condoms in Africa to prevent the spread of AIDS and we won’t talk on his views on women that is simply hilarious and what is more, most of his support system are…wait for it….WOMEN.

Sometimes I do get when some men think women are stupid. We do allow this rubbish not because they devalue you but because YOU devalue you.

Good Bye Nazi Youth…you will not be missed.

P.S. @LivingLight, as we are both history freaks yeah Amen to that. Bitch has to go. Still waiting for the lights to flicker on and the brain cells to begin working for his ummmmm progeny.

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