My Hundred Acre Wood

When I let go of what I am. I become what I might be.

"Like you are the only one that is important!" *snort*….I don’t know…leader of the Free World..I’m thinkin, the boy might be a tiny bit important lol. I also love that. She is talking to her lover. Not the President and that, my dears, is the difference between her and the rest of the former DC-5 Illuminati.

He is just her man. He is not a title. Correct perspective.

They are so well matched. Alpha fighting Alpha…same shit she says to him, ironically is TOTALLY applicable to her. S3 it is her job to EARN Fitzgerald Thomas Grant! Not joking! No more dicking around. By the way, ain’t no shoes that Boring Edison or Pathetic Jake can fill. Olivia needs a man that challenges her…who make her go to the dark place,where all her roiling emotions lay.

That is Fitz. See, Fitz gets it. It is Liv that needs to. Shonda better do justice to S3….and stop emasculating Fitz who DOES OWN HIS SHIT! That is all.

These two are amazing and they bring it and he needs to direct more.

Olivia needs to own her shit and stop being side-tracked.